Affiliate marketing business is among the oldest forms of the money-making system as it can be easily explained as earning in commission for selling someone else goods and products. This form of business was introduced back in 1950 by some of the companies and since then it took a snowball effect as all the companies started working on the affiliate and network building format of this business.

Affiliate marketing most popular among the housewives, students, part-timers, in short, we can say that the biggest advantage of affiliate marketing business is that it can be done by anyone as there is no particular qualification is needed.

Since the introduction to the internet or an online business format affiliate marketing business has taken just the boom that it has reached to the global ends in a matter of no time. With a support system like online affiliate marketing with the internet, you can just reach more and more people in a matter of few clicks.


  • Almost no investment as most of the companies adds you to the network free of charge.
  • Easy to understand and manage sales.
  • No headache of shipping and management of the products as all the process is covered by the company.
  • No age bar, no particular qualification is needed for this sort of business.


To manage your affiliate you need to have the software that can enable you to not only manage but allows you to promote your business both online and offline. If you are looking for serious growth than you must have the affiliate marketing software which has the following features:-

1) Allow you to manage the business in a few clicks.

2) User-friendly software atmosphere.

3) Easy-Commission and sales management system.

4) Runtime reporting.

5) Social media management.

6) Multi-language, multi-currency.

7) Replicated website.

8) Secure and safe.

9) Multi-level payment transactions.

10) Third-party API, integration

The above mention features are just the part of over 240 affiliate marketing business software features that we used to develop for our clients.

Daani IT solution is in the affiliate marketing software development business since 2002 and we have over 300 clients worldwide.

The biggest advantage that we offer to our clients is the flexibility of the user-friendly software as well as the custom made as per their needs at a very affordable price.

Apart from this, we offer the live and free demo to all our clients so that they get a clear view of the structure of our affiliate marketing software.