Investment management software

With our software, you can track manage your investments flawlessly in a matter of few clicks, import all your data, and get a result in a runtime. Our Investment management software is compatible with RD FD, Monthly income or growth income.

How our Investment management software works for you.

In case you are operating any intuition that is related to RD FD, monthly income or growth income business where there is a regular transaction of funds either on a monthly or fixed basis, you have to manage a lot of issues like the interest rate, payment modes, deposit and withdrawal and the list can be endless. Our Investment management software covers all the calculations from maturity to commission so this reduces the workload from your shoulders.

Finance and invest is the key factor in any company or individual as it needs to cover the difference between the cost of products and profit for sales.

Features of our investment management software

Manage your investments in Stocks, F&O, Mutual Funds, Traded Bonds, Fixed Deposits, NPS, PMS, AIF & many other asset classes

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